• Friendly Meetings

    Friendly Meetings

    SBR is such a friendly group! I enjoy sharing referrals with like-minded professionals who want to grow their business while enjoying each other’s company. The smaller scale allows us to spend quality time together and to focus on how best to help each other achieve our goals.

    Emily Kheradi
    Keller Williams Realty

  • New Business Source

    New Business Source

    SBR has proven to be a tremendous asset to my company. Not only have I met wonderful fellow business-people, but the format suits me personally – not too strict – not to loose. I get at least 50% of my business through SBR.

    Rich Austin
    Speaking of Success

  • Great Contacts

    Great Contacts

    SBR impressed me with the high quality and diversity of business people. The format allows you to connect with people one-on-one, as well as give your own short presentation. After only two weeks, I am already collaborating with SBR members. It is all about referrals and the members are more than willing to send business your way.

    Peter Kaczmarzyk
    Internet Marketing Choice


What is an SBR Network Meeting?

SBR Network forms business to business referral networking chapters to help local professionals promote and grow their businesses within their local community.  We are NOT your local “Business Card Exchange Night.”  We do not allow uncomfortable “cliques.”  We care about the profitability and personal success of each member in our chapters.  Unlike other organizations, we do not prohibit our members from belonging to other networks and associations.  We believe that the larger your professional network is, the better your ability to connect your fellow business peers to new business opportunities.

Why Would I Want to Attend an SBR Network Meeting?

If you are a small business owner or professional and you are looking to increase your customers, sales and/or visibility, SBR Network could be for you.  Belonging to an SBR Chapter is like hiring a few dozen sales reps for your business for much less than the price of 1 cup of coffee per day.  The bottom line is: Do You Want MORE Business?  Are YOU reaching enough of a target audience?  Do you HAVE people who consistently refer you 25%, 50%, 75% of your annual business?  If not, then you should visit an SBR Network Chapter and see how SBR can positively impact your business and your bottom line.

What is the Meeting Format?

We begin with 15 minutes of open networking.  Depending on the size of the attendance of our members, visitors and guests, we allow each person up to 3 minutes to deliver an infomercial about their business.  Following infomercials, we have a member showcase presentation.  Then we break into pairs for a Peer to Peer referral generation exercise.  We close with referrals, testimonials and special event announcements.  The meeting is 90 minutes in length.  SBR Network starts on time and ends on time.

What Does it Cost to Attend?

Your first 3 visits to an SBR chapter are free.  You are only responsible for any food or drink you order.  Should you decide you want to increase your business by joining a chapter and having exclusivity for your business, SBR has a competitively priced semi-annual membership fee with monthly payment plans.

Are there any new chapters forming?

Yes. If you live, work or conduct business near any of these new chapters, please indicate your interest today.

Still Have Questions???

Contact SBR Visitor Service Team at: 401-615-9885 or visit our Frequently Asked Questions page at: faqs

Weekly Chapter Meetings

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