How do SBR Meetings help?

SBR provides an environment in which our members develop personal relationships with dozens of other qualified and like minded business professionals. SBR helps our members establish a “formal” relationship with each other, creating the opportunity to substantially increase their referral business.

Educational Training Benefits

Effectively and efficiently ask for referrals, how to make profitable referral connections, along with how to get testimonials and develop advocates for your business.

All these added benefits and our extensive website features will help you build your business and database of prospects much more efficiently and quickly, even though our membership fees are much lower than traditional networking clubs and chambers.

Belonging to SBR is like…

Hiring a couple dozen sales reps. When your club members meet someone who could use your products or services, they will have your card to give and recommend you, just as you would have their card if the situation was reversed.

The SBR Difference

  • We encourage you to join other organizations.
  • We allow unlimited member visits to other chapters as long as your specialty is open.
  • We provide Regional Ambassadors that help with membership drives, problem solving, training and conflict resolution. They help develop and maintain your chapter with weekly pro active networking skills, training, and business coaching tips.
  • We provide health, lifestyle, consumer, and financial discounts, perks and benefits to our members and their families.
  • Absence policy allows members to miss meetings for business and family emergencies along with Medical.

Find out how to join and begin increasing your business by 25%, 50%, or Even 100%.
Speak to the person who invited you or an SBR Ambassador about joining today and reserving your specialty within the chapter.