GUIDELINES & PROCEDURES (updated 05/01/14)

It is the policy of SBR Network International, Inc and its Specialty Referral Chapters to treat all members and visitors alike in a fair, courteous and ethical manner.
Belonging to a SBR Network International, Inc. and its Specialty Referral Chapter is not only an opportunity but also a privilege. It is with this duty and honor in
mind that we hold ourselves accountable to these guidelines, policies and procedures, in order to maintain our high standard of excellence and professionalism.


  • Members join SBR and then may commit to a chapter and its bylaws or build a new chapter
  • SBR offers two types of enrollment: Power (at large) and Specialty (Chapter Referral Partner)
  • SBR Specialty enrollment is exclusive, only one person per business category per Chapter.
  • Power Players do not belong to any chapter and do not hold any specialty title within a chapter, but may visit various chapters, as long as their industry
    is not represented.
  • All referral recipients must follow up with referrals given to them in a timely and professional manner.
  • A member may participate in and join other “industry exclusive” referral groups, as long as their SBR Chapter or Commissioner is aware of the dual
    participation and has approved it.
  • Members of SBR must attend Referral Success Training within the first 90 days of their enrollment. Failure to do so may result in the revocation of membership.
  • A Membership may be put on probation or forfeited for failure to adhere to SBR Guidelines and Procedures, Chapter Bylaws and/or SBR Code of Ethics.
  • Members should represent their primary occupation, not a part-time business.
  • The weekly meetings last for 60 or 90 minutes, as predetermined. Members need to arrive on time and stay for the entire meeting.
  • A member’s classification may be opened for failure to comply with the policies and/or the code of ethics of SBR. Partner Membership Committees of any
    chapter may open classifications. In the absence of a Partner Membership Committee, the Commissioner may fulfill that responsibility.
  • All new members must attend Referral Success Training (RST) training in their region within the first 90 days of their participation. Only after attending the
    RST may the new Referral Partner be added to the “speaker rotation” for the chapter. Any new members not attending the RST training within the first 90 days
    after being inducted into the chapter will be subject to having their classification opened by the Membership Committee. Existing Members are to attend at
    least 1 RST per year.
  • An Established Classic Chapter shall consist of a minimum of 12 Referral Partners and a maximum of 24 Referral Partners. Failure to maintain participation within
    these parameters for a continuous 6 month period, places the charter of the chapter in jeopardy, with its continuation to be adjudicated by the Regional Director.


  • I will abide by the Professional Standards of my business, honestly and fairly at all times.
  • I will read and abide by the SBR Code of Ethics, Bylaws & Membership Guidelines.
  • I will work at becoming a business person that others will “know, like, trust and refer”.
  • I will provide high quality services and products at the prices that I have quoted.
  • I will follow up promptly on referrals that I receive and will show gratitude to the referrer.
  • I will not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, religion, age, disability, national origin, or marital status.
  • I will honor all obligations of confidentiality when requested by members or leadership

Professional standard outlined in a formal code of conduct for any profession supersede the above standards.


SBR Network Referral Chapters require that Chapters and Membership Committees review and
select persons for membership in any and all job classifications based on qualifications, without
regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, marital status, age, or handicap.
SBR Network will not support any action which violates this nondiscrimination disclosure.


  • I will strive to attend every meeting and when I am unable to attend, I will seek a substitute.
  • I will support my fellow chapter members and will display a positive attitude.
  • I will strive to find good quality referrals and guest for my chapter members at every opportunity.
  • I will have a weekly Outreach and Outside Peer to Peer, helping me understand and support my peers.
  • I will to attend at least one SBR Special Event and Tour one other chapter every month.
  • I will consider my SBR Chapter members, their products and services, for my personal/business needs.
  • I will attend a Referral Success Training (RST) within the next 90 days and also annually.
  • I will complete and handout a Member profile and enter my online profile at


  • Renewals: All memberships are for a minimum of 12 months and automatically renewable and recurring, whether paid monthly or two pay (6 months), annual, etc.
    Skipped automated payments convert or renew as monthly payment plan.
  • Membership Cancellation: A member is to give a 30-day written notice to SBR Network International, Inc., corporate office to discontinue membership. There
    are no refunds of Membership Dues. To cancel membership, log into the Members Section at and click on Cancel Membership.
  • Transfers: Transferring members must submit their request to their Commissioner for approval along with a new member application for the Chapter that they
    wish to transfer to, and a letter of explanation. The Commissioners, at their sole discretion, can approve transfers. Transferring is discouraged because it can be
    disruptive and seldom results in member success. There is a $25 fee for all transfers.
  • Change of Classification: A member who wishes to change industry or classification within a Chapter must submit a new member application to the
    Membership Committee or Commissioner requesting the change. The Commissioner or Membership Committee may approve or disapprove the change. Members
    are to represent only the specialty classification for which they are officially registered in SBR. If they represent a different specialty classification, in their chapter
    or when touring, they are treated as visitors and have a 3 visits limit every twelve months.
  • Registration fee: There is an initial registration fee. Dues may be paid by 6 months two-pay, or monthly. Contact the local Commissioner for amounts. Fees and Dues
  • New Chapters: SBR has and may establish chapters in any city or community with people interested in developing a referral-based business. Furthermore, SBR reserves the
    right to open more than one chapter per city or community where SBR’s services are needed or requested.
  • Membership fees are payable 30 days before the due date. Fees not paid by the first meeting of the month they are due are considered late and will be subject
    to a late charge. If fees are not paid within 15 days, the member may be suspended or terminated by SBR.
  • Fees are nonrefundable. A Certificate of Credit may be given, upon request, to members in good standing for the unused portion of their time.
  • Fees cannot be transferred from one person to another unless the fees are from the same company.
  • SBR has a strict policy on returned checks. Any returned checks not resolved within a 3 day period, will be turned over to collections. All returned checks
    will be assessed a minimum $25 returned-check fee. If a member passes a second NSF check, that member will be subject to immediate termination.
  • SBR Network Referral Chapters is a marketing service provided by SBR Network International, Inc. SBR or any of its subsidiaries, chapters, licensees and
    or franchisees reserves the right to discontinue a member’s participation in this program.


  • Chapter Officers and committees term run from January 31st to July 31st and from July 31st to the following January 31st. New leadership Committees can be chosen and trained twice a year. SBR Chapter’s are not democracies, they are meritocracies, members are judged by the amount of goodwill they generate and the number of Visitors, New Members and Referrals they bring to the chapter. At no time will there be a vote for a Leadership or Management Committee position. Chapter Presidents consider the same characteristics that make a good Chapter President when selecting a 6 month Chapter Management Committee. Members that have a different vision for the chapter than the management Committee are welcomed and encouraged to become a Founder and start their own independent chapter. The Chapter President will want a Committee with members that he/she can easily work with. They should consider the time needed and the responsibilities for each position.

New Member Applications:

  • Applications are given to the Commissioner or Membership Committee who should, reach out to the Chapter membership asking for feedback, good or bad, on the potential member.
  • It is a member’s responsibility to voice a concern about an applicant BEFORE the applicant is approved for membership. If there are no concerns, the Commissioner or Membership Committee will assume that the applicant is acceptable.
  • When a concern is voiced in regard to an application, the Commissioner or Membership Committee should treat that concern discreetly and professionally. They should investigate all concerns in a fair and professional manner before any decisions are made.
  • Application process should be completed within one week and the applicant notified.


  • If a member misses more than three meetings during a rolling 90 days or if they miss 3 or more times in a row without a substitute, their chapter membership may be terminated without refund. A member may send a substitute in their place and will not be counted as absent. A substitute should not replace a member on a regular basis. Members who regularly arrive late or leave early during the meeting times may have their membership placed on probation or forfeited. Depending on a Chapter’s meeting place, a member may be obligated for their food & beverages, as per chapter bylaws.
  • When a member has difficulty attending meetings on a regular basis, the Membership Committee should speak with the member to try and find a solution to the problem. If poor attendance continues, the member’s classification is subject to being opened and the membership in the chapter may be terminated and their status changed to Power Player.
  • Leave of absence: A chapter partner may request a leave of absence for up to a six week period, due to medical, military, family, or job related reasons (such as international travel etc.). However each case will be considered, approved or disapproved by the Chapter’s Commissioner on an individual basis. Substitutes are recommended.
  • Non Member Substitutes/Alternates must be certified annually by the State Manager, if they wish to substitute more than 3 times a quarter, throughout SBR. Acting as a substitute is not counted as a visit against the non-member.
  • Tardiness is considered unprofessional, disruptive and impolite. Multiple occurrences may be considered as an absence.

Conflict and/or Problems


  • In the event of a problem or conflict, the member should voice their concern in writing and forward it, preferably by email, to the SBR Membership Commissioner, who will try to resolve it in a timely and professional manner.
  • The SBR Membership Commissioner is designated and trained to work at resolving any member conflicts using the “Golden Rule” Program for resolution.
  • In cases relating to a member’s business practices or involving a violation of rules or policies, or if for any reason the member has become a detriment to their Chapter, the management of SBR Network International, Inc., at their sole discretion, may put the member on probation or terminate the membership. There are no refunds of Membership Dues.
  • It is the policy of SBR to refrain from enrolling new members that are in multiple sub-specialty, before the membership is at 16 members. For example, having more than 3 Attorneys each in their own category (Litigation, Business Law, Corporate Law, etc.) in a chapter with less than 16 members, although compliant, may still make the group less diverse and vibrant in the exchange of referral. The Commissioner shall take the general health of the chapter into consideration when accepting sub-specialty membership applications, especially during formation.

Hosting Venue

It is the responsibility of all chapter members to nourish and support the relationship with the Hosting Venue management and staff. In venues with no room dues it is highly encouraged that all members and guest order food and/or beverage and to tip generously- even if only water is ordered.

Visitor Attendance

Visitors may attend a Chapter three times. Thereafter, only if an application is in process.

Chapter Touring Partner

Members may visit other SBR Chapters as long as their industry is not represented in that Chapter.

  • Chapter Tourer/Tourer may not solicit for or promote their own home Chapter members, neither can they recruit or set-up P2P’s with the visitors at that Chapter while they are visiting, without Commissioner or Advocate approval.
  • B2B Members can Chapter Tour at B2B or Regular Chapters.
  • Regular Chapter Members can only Chapter Tour at Regular Chapters.
  • Members Touring other chapters should announce that they are from another chapter.
  • Touring members must not do or say anything that competes with a member of that chapter. If there is a conflict, but the specialty member is absent without a substitute, the Commissioner or Advocate may allow the tourer to give their standard marketing presentation.
  • Touring members should pay for their own meals.
  • Before touring another chapter, the touring member should call that chapter’s Commissioner, Advocate or President first.
  • Members are to represent only the specialty classification for which they are officially registered in SBR. If they represent a different specialty classification, in their chapter or when touring, they are treated as visitors and have a 3 visit annual limit.

Solicitations, Recruiting, Faith and Multilevel Marketing

  • All electronic correspondence should be sent through the and be sent utilizing bcc for the distribution list to minimize multiple disruptive responses and misunderstandings.
  • SBR member lists are not to be used for solicitation purposes without the consent of the member. Any email campaign MUST have an unsubscribe feature. SBR members are not to be solicited to non-SBR networking meetings without the consent of the SBR corporate office.
  • A Member who discusses in an open or regularly scheduled meeting the merger or disbanding of a chapter will be considered to have committed a serious ethical infraction against the health and well being of the chapter and its members and may result in probation, suspension or termination of their membership.
  • A Member is not to solicit or recruit Chapter members into becoming distributors or associates in any multi-level (or other) business endeavor during regular meetings. They may however mention any recruiting opening for candidate referrals. Any unwanted pressured solicitation, of any kind, may be cause for termination of membership.
  • During the Infomercial or Showcase presentation time of the regular Chapter meeting, the member should present the product/service side of the business. They may acknowledge in passing the business-building side that includes recruiting or sponsoring, but should not make it their core point.
  • Outside of the regular Chapter meeting, a member may inform another member about the income opportunity available with a business in detail, as long as it is not an unwanted or pressured solicitation.
  • Although SBR supports quality network marketing companies, it is suggested that a Chapter not have more than 25% of its members represent a company with MLM qualities, due to the recruiting aspects of multi-level marketing. Please refer to the guidelines when accepting a new MLM member in order to educate them on how to handle the business-building aspects of their business.

Recruiting SBR Staff Prohibited

SBR Staff and Exclusive Contractors have contracts which prohibit them from seeking employment from our members, since their primary purpose must be the health of SBR as a whole and that of its members individually. Recruiting of SBR Staff and Exclusive Contractors detrimentally affects SBR and its membership. A Member or Partner is not to solicit, extend job offers, recruit or hire any SBR Staff, Employee, Personnel or Exclusive Contractor without the advanced written approval of SBR. Any unapproved solicitation of this kind may be cause for termination of membership and/or banning from SBR.

Faith Specialties Welcomed

  • Faith Specialties within a regular chapter must carefully abide by the Solicitations, Recruiting, Faith and Multilevel Marketing Guidelines
  • Faith Specialties Infomercial should be of a secular nature and not focused on theology or direct religious solicitation
  • Acceptable Faith Specialties Infomercial examples would be, requesting referrals for:
    • Fundraisers: volunteers and/or sponsors
    • Charitable Activities: volunteers, recipients and/or sponsors
    • Recruitment Events: volunteers and/or new faith initiates

All Guidelines and Policies are subject to change by SBR Network International, Inc.
All chapter bylaws must be consistent with SBR Guidelines and Policies.
All proposed changes, to Guidelines and Policies, along with Chapter Bylaws must be reviewed and accepted by SBR Network International, Inc and its Referral Chapters executive management.