Our Philosophy

The philosophy of this organization is built upon the idea of “Purposeful Giving”: We Give in Good faith, to Good People and Good Rewards follow.

What is our Purpose?

To give its members more business.

The core concept is based on reciprocity, if you give, you shall receive.

“When I introduce you to new business, will you in turn introduce me new business?”

SBR provides the systems, structure and support which encourage giving and receiving business.

What is a SBR Network Chapter?

A weekly meeting and web-based professional services group that functions as a local, state-wide and national business to business referral system.

Our Focus on local networking, using club chapters, is a great way to introduce your services within your local community as well as to new residents relocating to your area.

Additional Perks

  • We allow members to join additional chapters as members, under a different category.
  • We have breakfast, lunch and/or dinner meetings.
  • SBR has monthly “Opportunity Nights” for businesses looking to recruit or offer secondary sources of income.
  • Special “Affiliate Groups” are allowed, which are formed for the sole purpose of allowing pay-per-sale exchanges among members, where allowed by law.
  • Special “Charity Groups” are encourage, which are formed for the purpose of generating awareness, raising funds and generating SBR financial contributions, for a non-profit.

Membership Opportunities

Exponentially increased referrals, with a referrals, testimonials, and advocacy systems.

The opportunity to participate in up to 52 networking meetings per year.

Newsletters with educational material on networking, public speaking, and business.

The opportunity to participate in business trade shows (market your chapter and your business).

The opportunity to participate in periodic workshops on networking.

Referral Club Results

Some participants in referral clubs have added as many as 25 new clients in the first year!!!

Referral Marketing is the best advertising there is, and the conversion ratio can’t be beat.

Most people instinctively know that a quality business referral is a precious asset and wish there were more of them.

Imagine the inherent power in belonging to an organization of about 20-50 professional business people who agree to bring each other good referrals.