SBR has proven to be a tremendous asset to my company. Not only have I met wonderful fellow business-people, but the format suits me personally – not too strict – not to loose. I get at least 50% of my business through SBR.
Rich Austin, Speaking of Success
SBR has been very effective at consistently increasing my referral business. It has also helped me more effectively communicate my message.
Fred Lawson
SBR is such a friendly group! I enjoy sharing referrals with like-minded professionals who want to grow their business while enjoying each other’s company. The smaller scale allows us to spend quality time together and to focus on how best to help each other achieve our goals.
Emily Kheradi, Keller Williams Realty
After visiting several SBR groups, I was impressed with the high quality and diversity of business people. I liked the format that allows you to connect with people one on one, as well as to give your own short presentation.

After only two weeks, I am already collaborating with SBR members. It is all about referrals and the members are more than willing to send business your way.

Peter Kaczmarzyk, Internet Marketing Choice
I love SBR’s Club Touring Policy which gives you unlimited partner visits to other SBR Chapters. Some of the contacts that I have met while touring other Chapters, have become customers of mine. It’s a great way to network!
Carolyn Dion, Isagenix Independent Associate