A Guide To Know About The Various Types Of Direct Mail Marketing

Despite the introduction of digital forms of mailing systems, direct mail marketing still holds significant relevance in business promotions even to this day. If you choose to adopt direct mail marketing strategies for reaching out to your targeted audience, you can actually achieve higher response rates and sales conversions.

We have provided a few examples of the different kinds of direct mail formats for a business.

What is a direct mail marketing strategy?

Direct mail marketing is a versatile advertising campaign method. Even when businesses are adopting digital marketing technologies, direct mail advertising is still being used widely by a lot of businesses. It is because this mode of marketing emotionally connects with the target audience. It actually helps to enhance response rates for the brand, and also improves other online campaigns.

US Presort is a leading US-based company that uses a variety of direct mail products for creation of effective mailing campaigns. Some of them are direct mail letter, brochures, postcards, personalized letters, envelopes, etc.

The Different Types Of Direct Mail Formats


Postcards are simple, clear, and concise way of sending messages. They are ideal for sending brief yet impacting messages to the target consumers. They are appropriate for sending reminders and special offers to customers.

Postcards serve as an effective marketing and low-cost tool for a wide range of services and products. Postcards come in various sizes to choose from. You can get them in the small or oversized form to create the right visual impact on people.


Self-mailers includes brochures and leaflets that attracts customers. It is a self-contained envelope whose ends are closed with glue. There is no outer envelope required. Self-mailers are popular in grabbing the attention of prospective customers. What makes it different from postcards is that it will have company details printed on it.

Dimensional Mailers

It is an upgraded form of leaflets and brochures. With this format of direct mail, you can create an exclusive, and detailed summary of the brand. It also guarantees impressive response rate. Dimensional mailers are outstanding to attract high-end business contacts.


If you need confidentiality, then you should choose a traditional letter option. These letters can appropriately personalized to meet the needs of potential clients. Traditional letters can be a part of an overall direct mail marketing strategy that features catalogs or brochures.


These are some of the effective types or ways available for a business to execute direct mail marketing. Not just they are economically priced, but are also something that the customers are familiar and comfortable with. This makes direct mailing outperform other marketing options.