Long term candidate nurturing is the key to an effective recruitment strategy

Effective recruitment is indeed a long game. Almost every industry is involved in this long drawn out game. However, the modern hiring strategies and techniques have gone through a huge change. One of the strongest requirements in this new scenario is the need for relationship building.

This is exactly where candidate nurturing comes into full force. What is candidate nurturing, and how can you improve the technique?

What is Candidate Nurturing?

It should be noticed that more than 75 per cent of the candidates applying for a job at your organization are passive candidates. However, it should be noticed that the cream of these candidates are top performers, and these are the candidates you need to focus on.

Building relationships with these candidates is part nurturing. These candidates aren’t happy with their current job and are looking for a better opportunity. However, they already have a job and the much needed security. Winning these types of passive candidates requires a huge amount of effort and time on your part.

Why should you Nurture Candidates?

Well, as we have already clearly mentioned, winning over and impressing the candidates is a million dollar effort in its own way. A few of the reasons you would find it imperative to indulge in candidate nurturing would involve the following essential reasons –

  • Effective candidate nurturing can be helpful in getting access to high quality candidates.
  • Having a ready list of potential candidates will be helpful in replacing the employees when they leave.
  • You would be able to adapt to the changes in the recruitment scenario and technological advancements at a lightning speed.
  • Keep in touch with the best candidates ever.

In essence, you would be able to get access to the best ever candidate list on your fingertips. Talent nurturing will ensure that you have the perfect candidates already in your talent pool. In fact, efficient talent acquisition tools like Greenhouse recruitment software offer you an improved capability in building an efficient talent pool of the top candidates.

How can you nurture your candidates?

Well, relationship building can be one of the toughest tasks. It would take a lot of effort and relationship building exercises to achieve the best possible results. The key here is to stay creative and share the relevant information with the candidates you are interested in.

The first part in that direction would be to make sure that your communication is not boring and stays quite relevant. Make sure you share relevant and interesting company specific information with your potential candidates. The personalized information sharing can go a long way in ensuring that the candidates would really be attracted to your company.

The right option that can be helpful enough in this direction is opting for automation. In essence, candidate nurturing can be much more helpful in improving the overall candidate experience further ahead. This can be quite helpful in building a lot of personalized programs so that the candidates will continue having a very positive impression about your company as an employer.

Nurture programs can vary a lot and would be helpful enough in identifying, targeting and engaging in every process of the candidate’s journey into your organization. These techniques can be extremely helpful for building your employer brand in an effective manner. It can be quite impressive enough to build your employer brand. That way you would be capable of letting the potential candidates get access to everything related to your organization including the company culture, and also gives them access to the valuable insights into the recruiting culture in your firm.

In addition, you would also find it quite impressive and effective in ensuring that you would be able to check out the shortcomings if any, in your candidate experience program. A powerful experience program can be quite effective in assuring the candidates help you create a perfect and stronger employer brand.

Well, if you want the right candidates access them from your talent pool and have access to the best possible performance ever in building your employer brand, candidate nurturing would be the right choice for the purpose. Go through the best route for an enhanced and improved candidate build-up, and nurture your candidates so that you will continue getting the best possible talent coming towards your firm.

Robert Townley
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