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Travel to these unique places around the globe and explore the different cultures, amazing food options, lavish accommodation places and meet new people. Travelling makes you a better person, it offers invaluable life experiences that you cannot learn at hometown, so book your trip and go visit unique places around the globe. Visit these most unique places which are worth it to visit once in a lifetime and explore the fantastic beauty of these places.


This romantic island offers everything that a beach lover prefers. The endless sandy beaches with turquoise water are perfect for enjoying sports activities like diving, surfing, and others. The local food and drinks are extremely tantalizing so you will fall in love with the flavors. This island has a rich history where it features different mosques, temples, churches, lighthouses, and others. The UNESCO world heritage site is present over here i.e. Le Morne Brabant which has exceptional mountain cliffs that are known as a hidden runaway for the maroons who were the slaves. In Chamarel, you can enjoy the seven-colored Earths where the different colored sands form striped dunes.

  1. SAMOA:

This island features the 10 islands with stunning waterfalls, volcanoes, swimming holes, beaches, and rainforests. To Sua ocean trench is the perfect place for swimmers to hop in and enjoy the calm water. This place is surrounded by blowholes and natural rock pools. If you plan on visualizing the impressive waterfalls then do visit the Papapapaitai falls which is a showstopper attraction that continues towards the cross-island road and joins different falls, picnic spots, and swimming holes. If you plan on relaxing in the beachfront hotels then Upolu Island is perfect for you to enjoy the soothing breeze of the warm sands and beaches.


This place is full of adventurous delights that offer travelers with priceless memories. It features beautiful islands, mountains, and national parks. This place offers you with urban touch where you can try the Korean BBQ or chill out in a coastal city. The third highest mountain range is present in Seoraksan National park which features the temples, jagged Rocky Mountains and hot springs. If you are a beachy person then visit Jeju Island where you can enjoy the outdoor spas, beaches, and lava tube tours.


This place is worth to visit. It does not get much attention when compared to other neighboring cities. It is a polished paradise with a European touch. Experience the Gaucho culture while enjoying over the hills and surf down at Punta Del Diablo. If you want to party hard then visit the clubs located at Punta Del Este. The cosmopolitan streets are famous for its attractions like Plaza Independencia.

  1. RENO:

This city is very unique because has a little bit of everything in the middle of the American desert. From the fun and lively casinos, shows and all kinds of entertainment, to peaceful and luxury resorts and spa and amazing food. It all depends what you are looking for, you can either opt to stay in hotels like the Peppermill, nugget reno or Atlantis. They all have options for all kind of taste and budget.


The Mayan ruins are the famous attractions in Guatemala. It features the Tikal National park for the visitors which has temples, plazas and different dwellings which are 1000 years old. Explore the cascading lagoons, actively erupted volcanoes and other natural wonders of the state.

So, what are you waiting for? If you love traveling and exploring unique places then get started with the most stunning places in the world.

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