Unique Bookcase Ideas for your Rooms

Well, whether you like books or not, a room filled with books would indeed be an exciting option. Ever thought of how impressive the room would look with those wonderful bookcases, and of course books inside them? They would make you look quite smart… no matter what your education level!

Impressions matter a lot and bookcases and the proper arrangement of bookcases can ideally go a long way in promoting the appearance of your room beyond boundaries. A few ideas here should ideally help you achieve those goals.

The floating bookcase

This bookcase doesn’t look like a book case. These are normally screwed directly inside a wall and give an impression of a hanging bookcase, or a bunch of them arranged in a beautiful manner.

The L shaped shelves make your bookcase stay both unique and exciting. Ease of installation is one of the best features you would find with this floating and invisible style of bookcases.

The Industrial Corner

This can have multiple variations, open to your own imagination. A corner bookcase will not take up much space either, yet provide a unique look to your room. You can either opt for the pies design or a simple option of an industrial corner.

This arrangement can be an excellent option to add a modern look to your bookcase. You can choose a few specialized styles to give them a contemporary or historical look.

Use an Oversized mirror

Using an oversized mirror in the middle of a bookcase can be yet another excellent option. Use an ornate frame for the purpose.

The mirrors can help you create an illusion of space. It can even help you improve the decorum of the room further. Popular service providers like GoodWoodFurniture.com provide you access to such customized options for almost every one of your requirements and preferences.

Add Personalization

Add your own personalized appearance to your bookcase. Even when you buy wooden bookcases and arrange them in a unique way, yet another exciting option would be to include a few photo frames and even collage photos.

This can go a long way in providing an appearance beyond imagination to your bookcases. Working with your furniture vendor can be helpful in this venture. Ensure that the family photos and collages are placed at eye level.

The Equilibrium Bookcases

The cantilevered module provides you access to an improved appearance and look. In fact, it can be one of the unique options that provides you access to better styling. What about the surprising looks that your visitors and guests would have?

The bookcase can hold up to 120 pounds of weight. The individual compartments appear to be floating in the air and can be an exciting option in itself. You can employ multiple modules as well to give it a unique look.

The Yule Bookcase

How about a bookcase when you do not have enough space in the wall? This where the Yule bookcase can come in quite handy.

They can be fixed onto the ceiling and can be put up at any sort of free space. They also let you walk above the bookcase and fetch your books. This is yet another unique concept that would take your guests by surprise. Showcase your creative ideas and win over your visitors – both with your collection of books and the unique bookcases.

How to give a unique look to your bookcases?

Well, bookcases are meant to satiate your hunger for information in the form of stored books. But, your bookcases need not necessarily be solemn in terms of looks. The above ideas should ideally help you in choosing the perfect options for the unique bookcase ideas.

Of course, you can try out your own ideas and make use creativity to improve the look of the bookcases. Bookcases and bookshelves need not be dull and uninspiring any more. Just the way the books inside the bookshelf improve your personality as perceived by your guests and visitors, the unique look of the bookcase should be yet another excellent option to impress them further with your creativity.