Why do you need a critical illness along with health insurance?

Health equals wealth!You must have heard this many times. Over the years,thishas become a reality due toincreasing cost of medical aids and treatments.Attimes when a simple fever can cost you hundredsin a single doctor’s visit, imagine what it would be like to get medical assistance for critical ailments.

Health insurance policies have our back in such cases, but even these policies do not cover all kinds of illnesses. For such a case you should get a critical illness cover which looks after the fulfilment of all types of monetary needs of the insured person if they are diagnosed with any illness mentioned in the list laid down under the policy.

Here are a few aspects you should consider before signing up for a critical illness cover –

  1. If a person seems to lack enough monetary security for any ailment or medical needs, they can rely on the critical illness cover to fulfil their financial needs.
  2. When a person suffering from an illness does not have any family assistance or anyone available to take care of them, their medical expenses, and their commitments the critical illness cover might be a right choice for them.
  3. The cost of critical illness covers isbased on the age, health habits, job profile, and requirement of an individual.
  4. It includes several critical illnesses, which are usually exempted from a regular health insurance policy.
  5. Use the critical insurance premium calculator to plan your investment, the time duration, amount and policy as per yourcapacity and the insurance benefits, which accompany their plan.
  6. You can also take the advice from an experienced whileinvesting in the term insurance with critical illness and have comprehensive information about its characteristics and routine.

Youshouldbe fully aware of the pointers and conditions, which are mentioned in the policy papers before signing them. While looking upon the differences between regular health insurance and a critical illness cover, we get to know about the ailments, which are ignored under typical insurance plans. A critical illness cover not only forms a rigid security horizon for them but also offer flexibility and more monetary fluidity than the conventional policies. There are various critical illness policies available, but one must look outevery detail and match it with their requirements to lessen the stressof prevailing medical costs in case of any unforeseen circumstances. Adhering to the equation of health and wealth, it is a wise choice to invest in the health policies and live a life which is not overshadowed by the apprehensions of unseen dangers.

Richard Bell
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